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Welcome to the MHM Coalition Website

The Muslim Heritage Month in New Jersey, designated for January each year, was established following Governor Phil Murphy’s signing of a joint resolution (SJR105/AJR194) on April 29, 2023. This historic move acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of the Muslim community in New Jersey. Governor Murphy emphasized that this designation is a recognition of the rich histories, cultures, and principles of Muslim Americans, highlighting their roles in various sectors such as patriotism, philanthropy, advocacy, civic engagement, and culture.

The primary sponsors of this resolution include Senators Joe Pennacchio, Brian Stack, and Assemblymembers Angela McKnight, Shanique Speight, and Annette Chaparro. The legislation aims to elevate awareness and appreciation of Muslim Americans and their accomplishments in New Jersey. Notably, New Jersey has one of the highest percentages of Muslim residents in the United States.

To further the celebration, education, and promotion of the rich cultural and historical contributions of Muslims in New Jersey, the Muslim Heritage Month Coalition of NJ has been established. The coalition’s mission involves organizing events, initiatives, and educational programs that highlight the diverse tapestry of Muslim heritage. Their activities are designed to foster understanding, appreciation, and unity among diverse communities, aiming to build bridges of mutual respect, breaking down stereotypes, and promoting a more inclusive and interconnected society.

For more details on the events and activities organized by the Muslim Heritage Month Coalition of NJ, you can visit their website at Muslim Heritage Month Coalition of NJ. This website offers information on various initiatives like exploring Muslim heritage curriculum, showcasing the rich history and heritage of Muslims, and providing books and resources for learning about Muslim heritage. The coalition also organizes inclusive events for the community and works towards a vision where the contributions of Muslims are widely recognized and integrated into the fabric of society.

We appreciate all the team members to everyone actively contributing to this platform for the broader community. Feel free to explore the website, consider becoming a partner, share your logo, join the committee, and help promote through social media. Let’s work together; now more than ever, it’s crucial to promote understanding of Islam and Muslims.

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