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The NJ Muslim Heritage Month Coalition is working on the projects below.

As the Muslim Heritage Month Coalition, our mission is to champion the recognition, understanding, and celebration of Muslim heritage throughout the state of New Jersey. Committed to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and education, our coalition engages in multifaceted initiatives that resonate with the broader community. We collaborate with libraries, schools, and local organizations to implement educational programs, art displays, and community events during the designated month of January.

By curating informative displays, promoting literature that showcases Muslim contributions, and organizing cultural celebrations, we seek to dispel stereotypes, foster cross-cultural connections, and address the underrepresentation of Muslim history. Moreover, we actively engage with Muslim and non-Muslim communities to encourage dialogue, dispense accurate information, and build bridges of understanding.

Join us in our collective effort to make Muslim Heritage Month a platform for shared knowledge, appreciation, and unity.

Exploring Muslim Heritage Curriculum​.

We are actively working with organizations such as Teaching While Muslim (TWM) and others in order to create school curriculums that can be implemented during Muslim Heritage Month..

Showcase the rich history and heritage of Muslims.

The Muslim community, like many others, has faced under-representation and is, at times, misunderstood. This situation can contribute to bias and hate-related crimes.

Books & Resources
Books and Resources to learn about Muslim Heritage.

We will be utilizing this page to provide a list of resources that can be accessed or purchased by community members, such as books, movies, videos, etc.

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Resolutions & Proclamations
Recognizing January as a Muslim Heritage Month.

A Joint Resolution designating the month of January of each year as “Muslim Heritage Month” in the State of New Jersey

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