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Recommended MHM Activities For High School MSA’s

Celebrating Muslim Heritage Month with a high school Muslim Students Association (MSA) in New Jersey can be an enriching experience for the entire school community. Here’s a proposed schedule of monthly activities:

Week 1: Introduction to Muslim Heritage Month

  • Day 1: Opening Assembly
    • Begin with an assembly introducing Muslim Heritage Month. Consider inviting a prominent Muslim community leader to speak.
  • Day 2: Islamic Art Exhibition
    • Display Islamic art and architecture, showcasing the rich artistic heritage of the Muslim world.
  • Day 3: Introduction to Islamic Sciences
    • Host a presentation on the contributions of Muslim scholars in fields like mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.
  • Day 4: Film Screening
    • Show a documentary or film that highlights aspects of Muslim culture or history.
  • Day 5: Calligraphy Workshop
    • Conduct a workshop on Arabic calligraphy, allowing students to learn and practice this art form.

Week 2: Exploring Islamic Literature and Philosophy

  • Day 1: Book Club Launch
    • Start a book club focusing on Islamic literature, both classical and contemporary.
  • Day 2: Poetry Day
    • Host a session on Islamic poetry, exploring works from Rumi, Hafez, and contemporary Muslim poets.
  • Day 3: Philosophy and Ethics Discussion
    • Facilitate a discussion on Islamic philosophy and ethics, touching on key thinkers like Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd.
  • Day 4: Storytelling Session
    • Share stories and parables from Islamic traditions, highlighting moral and ethical lessons.
  • Day 5: Book Club Discussion
    • Gather for the first book club meeting to discuss initial readings and thoughts.

Week 3: Focus on Diversity in the Muslim World

  • Day 1: Cultural Showcase
    • Highlight the diversity of Muslim cultures around the world through a cultural fair or exhibition.
  • Day 2: Culinary Day
    • Host a food-tasting event featuring dishes from various Muslim countries.
  • Day 3: Guest Speakers Series
    • Invite speakers from different Muslim communities to talk about their cultural practices and experiences.
  • Day 4: Interactive Geography Lesson
    • Conduct a fun, interactive session focusing on the geography of the Muslim world.
  • Day 5: Language Introduction
    • Offer a basic lesson in commonly spoken languages in the Muslim world, like Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, or Farsi.

Week 4: Community Engagement and Reflection

  • Day 1: Community Service Project
    • Organize a community service or charity project to support a local cause or global initiative.
  • Day 2: Panel Discussion on Current Issues
    • Host a panel discussing current issues facing the Muslim community globally and locally.
  • Day 3: Interfaith Dialogue
    • Facilitate an interfaith dialogue session with members from different religious communities.
  • Day 4: Reflection and Creative Expression
    • Hold a session where students can share their reflections through art, poetry, or other forms of expression.
  • Day 5: Closing Ceremony and Celebration
    • Host a closing event to celebrate the month, sharing experiences and achievements.

Throughout the month, try to incorporate these themes into regular school subjects to provide a comprehensive understanding of Muslim heritage. Encourage student-led initiatives to foster a sense of ownership and deeper engagement with the content.

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