Recommended MHM Activities For College MSA’s

Here are some activity ideas specifically for the month of January to celebrate Muslim Heritage Month with a College Muslim Students Association (MSA):

January: Kick-off Event for Muslim Heritage Month

  • Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speeches
    • Host an inaugural event with speeches by prominent figures in the Muslim community, university officials, and MSA leaders.
    • Include a special address on the significance of Muslim Heritage Month.
  • Cultural Exhibition
    • Set up an exhibition showcasing Islamic art, calligraphy, and historical artifacts.
    • Include informational panels about the history and contributions of Muslims in various fields.
  • Interactive Workshops and Seminars
    • Organize workshops on topics such as Introduction to Islam, the diversity within the Muslim community, and the significance of Muslim Heritage Month.
    • Invite scholars or community leaders to conduct these sessions.
  • Film Screening and Discussion
    • Screen a documentary or film related to Muslim culture or history.
    • Follow up with a moderated discussion or Q&A session with experts or community leaders.
  • Poetry and Storytelling Night
    • Host an evening of poetry reading and storytelling, focusing on works by Muslim poets and authors.
    • Encourage students to participate and share their own writings or favorite pieces.
  • Food Festival
    • Organize a food festival featuring cuisine from various Muslim countries.
    • Include informational booths about the dishes and their cultural significance.
  • Community Engagement
    • Initiate a community service project to give back to the local community, embodying the principles of charity in Islam.
    • Partner with local organizations for greater impact.
  • Panel Discussion on Current Issues
    • Conduct a panel discussion on current issues affecting the Muslim community, both globally and locally.
    • Include diverse voices and perspectives within the Muslim community.
  • Social Media Campaign
    • Launch a social media campaign to highlight significant Muslim figures, historical events, and cultural practices.
    • Encourage student participation through hashtags and interactive content.
  • Closing Reflections and Prayer Gathering
    • Conclude the month with a gathering for reflections on what participants have learned and experienced.
    • Include a prayer gathering for those who wish to participate.

These activities aim to educate, celebrate, and create a sense of community, both within the MSA and the broader university. They provide opportunities for learning, sharing, and engaging in meaningful dialogue.

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