JFK Memorial High School MSA Commemorating Muslim Heritage Month

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of the Indic Heritage Showcase at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School Woodbridge, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) curated an enriching experience to commemorate Muslim Heritage Month. Various stalls were set up in the high school cafeteria on January 11, and each was lined with interactive activities and engaging displays set to educate students about Muslim culture.

One of the highlights of the showcase was the “Try-On a Hijab” stall, where over 20 people experienced wearing a hijab. Participants explored various fabrics, colors, and wrapping techniques to better understand the cultural and personal diversity within the hijab-wearing community. This interactive experience went beyond the surface as participants engaged in meaningful conversations about the significance of the hijab, fostering a deeper understanding of Muslim traditions. Accompanying informational posters provided additional context, enriching the learning experience.

Following the hijab stall, the MSA set up a similar “Try-On a Keffiyeh” stall. Attendees immersed themselves in the cultural exchange, trying on Keffiyehs and capturing memorable moments in foreign attire. This allowed people to explore the cultural garment firsthand, appreciating its design and significance. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and curiosity as individuals embraced the opportunity to learn about and appreciate different cultural practices.

Art enthusiasts found solace in the Arabic/Urdu Calligraphy stall, where they could request their names to be beautifully inscribed in these intricate languages. The art form proved to be a crowd-pleaser, with attendees mesmerized by the beauty and complexity of Arabic and Urdu scripts, while receiving a custom artwork of their own name to take home.

The Islamic art stall showcased a diverse array of items, including calligraphy, geometric patterns, perfumes, tasbihs, books and more. A subsection of the Islamic art stall showcase focused on the Mughal Empire, displayed a handmade Girih design with traditional dishes tracking its origin to the ancient empire. The showcase aims to promote a deeper understanding of Islamic art, showcasing its historical significance and cultural diversity, thus contributing to the dialogue surrounding Islamic art’s impact and influence. The stall served as an educational platform, offering insights into the significance of these artifacts and their role in Islamic traditions.

The stalls set up by JFK MSA at the showcase not only celebrated Muslim heritage but also fostered a sense of unity and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. The interactive and engaging activities procured an inclusive space for cultural exchange, leaving a lasting impact on the school community.

Photographer for all events + MSA Social Media Rep – Natalia Malik
Hijab Try-On Stall – (Team – Musfira Mohamed, Ayesha Arshard, Ritage, Haniyah, Kainat Latif)
Keffiyeh Try-On Stall – (Team – Musfira Mohamed, Zenab Asif, Alisha Rajput, Hamza Latif)
Calligraphy Workshop – (Team – Ihaab Kashmiri)
Islamic Art Showcase – (Team – Munibah Haroon)
Mughal Empire Showcase – (Team – Ihaab Kashmir, Aqsa Pardiwala)
Morning Announcements – (Team – Musfira Moahmed, Ihaab Kashmiri)

By Musfira Mohamed
MSA President

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