Essex County Commissioners Hold Inaugural Muslim Heritage Month Celebration

(Newark, NJ) – January 25, 2024 – The Essex County Board of County Commissioners celebrated its inaugural Muslim Heritage Month. This event celebrates the accomplishments of and honor outstanding Muslim men and women of Essex County for their unique contributions to the Essex community and society as a whole.

This year, the Board recognized Hassan Abdus-Sabur of Newark, Founder of the HBCU Scholarship Bike Ride; Younis Moheisen, Owner of Kings Family Restaurant and Catering in Newark; Baseemah Annette Beasley, Chairwoman of the Irvington Democratic Committee; and Jimmy Small of East Orange, President of the Muslim League of Voters of New Jersey. A moment of silence was also held for Imam Hassan Sharif of the Masjid Muhammad-Newark mosque, who was tragically killed on January 3rd.

Photo L to R: Essex Surrogate Alturrick Kenney, Comm’r A’Dorian Murray Thomas, Comm’r Wayne Richardson, Comm’r Pres. Carlos Pomares, Comm’r Romaine Graham, Baseemah Beasley, Comm’r Patricia Sebold, Younis Moheisen, Hassan Abdus-Sabur, Jimmy Small, Comm’r VP Tyshammie Cooper, Imam Wahy-ud Deen Shareef.

“The Board of Commissioners was proud to concur with the Governor and Legislature to commemorate the monumental achievements of the Muslim community, and to recognize January as Muslim Heritage Month,” said Commissioner President Carlos M. Pomares. “Muslim residents have directly contributed to the positive growth and diversity of Essex County in all aspects of culture and society. They are also often on the frontlines for fostering prosperity, kindness, and a mutual understanding between religious groups and within our community. Our honorees exemplify and are a reflection of the outstanding people in our Muslim community. We thank you for all you do, and congratulations.”

Imam Wahy-ud Deen Shareef of Masjid Waarith ud Deen mosque in Newark delivered prayers during the occasion, and the audience was captivated by the musical talents of singer Zakiyyah Zai’mah.

See more pictures of the event here. Watch a recording of the event here.

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