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2017 – MHM Journey Begins
12/1/2022 – introduced in SENATE
2/2/2023 – passed by senate (39-0)
2/6/2023 – received in the assembly
3/30/2023 – substituted for ajr 194
3/30/2023 – passed assembly (passed Both Housed) (76-0-0)
4/29/2023 – Governor Philip D. Murphy signed Joint  Resolution

Vision Statement

The Muslim Heritage Month Coalition of NJ envisions a future where the vibrant tapestry of Muslim contributions to New Jersey’s history and culture is widely recognized, celebrated, and integrated into the fabric of our society. We aspire to create a harmonious and inclusive community where people of all backgrounds appreciate the richness of Muslim heritage, fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

Through our efforts, we aim to inspire a legacy of unity, cultural exchange, and appreciation that transcends boundaries and promotes a shared sense of belonging among all residents of New Jersey.


The mission of the Muslim Heritage Month Coalition of NJ is to celebrate, educate, and promote the rich cultural and historical contributions of Muslims in New Jersey.

We strive to foster understanding, appreciation, and unity among diverse communities by organizing events, initiatives, and educational programs that highlight the diverse tapestry of Muslim heritage.

Through collaboration and engagement, we aim to build bridges of mutual respect, breaking down stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive and interconnected society.

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